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Set a good example and show personal responsibility – to protect your fellow people and for your own safety. For this purpose, we have developed the new “Bihler Protect” protective face shield. 

The name says it all. “Bihler Protect” protects you and your employees during direct communication with colleagues, customers, and suppliers. The high-quality design with stainless steel brackets makes it lighter and sturdier than conventional protective visors. The crystal-clear vinyl visor guarantees a clear view and allows facial expressions to come back into play. Thanks to the individual adjustability and the forehead padding, the visor also provides maximum wearing comfort. 

The Bihler protective visor is available in a standard version and a customized version.

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why Bihler Protect P1?

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Even if masks protect you and your health – they are not very comfortable to wear. They often fit too loosely or too tightly, tear when they are attached or quickly become worn out, long hair gets tangled and the temples of glasses press together with the rubber bands to form an uncomfortable fit. These problems do not exist with the protective visor Bihler Protect P1. The temples can be easily adjusted to the shape of the head and guarantee a perfect fit. This allows you to carry out your daily tasks without having to constantly correct the fit of your mask.


Glasses, a mouth/nose mask and no vision – many have had to deal with this for the last few months. No matter how well you adjust the mask to your cheeks and nose, the glasses still fog up. You can’t see anything anymore, even cleaning doesn’t help permanently and the combination of mask and glasses is not at all comfortable. The Bihler Protect P1 protective visor is completely different: the distance of the visor to the face and glasses guarantees a clear view. In addition, the visor fits perfectly and ensures that you can comfortably wear your glasses and visor at the same time. .


Actually, you should only wear mouth-nose masks only once and then throw them away – since the compulsory wearing of masks has become mandatory, a huge amount of rubbish has been produced. A simple solution to avoid these mountains of rubbish is the Bihler Protect P1 protective visor. It is made of high-quality materials that are very durable, unlike plastic or cotton. Furthermore, the unique protective visor can be cleaned quickly and easily and then reused – good for you, your wallet and the environment.


Anyone who has to wear mouth-nose masks over a longer period of time knows the problem: bacteria feel particularly comfortable in a warm and humid climate and skin irritations or irritations form under the mask. The protective visor Bihler Protect P1 on the other hand guarantees a free wearing feeling without itching and reddening of the skin. And the best thing is: your radiant smile is once again visible to everyone.

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Includes 16% MwSt. DE
Additional costs (e.g. for customs or taxes) may occur when shipping to non-EU countries.